August 2, 2019 #59) On the Bee Gees

"Yesterday there was nothing in my life worth living for/ you were there when I was born/ the very strength to carry on/ a miracle as come..." (The Bee Gees; Miracles Happen, 1997); can you relate to so deeply romantic a sentiment or do you relate more to something between a miserable marriage, polygamy/polyamory, sleeping around (for a lack of better terms) or are you lonely? Do you believe in "romantic love" and if so, what do you think about it? 

In my case, thoughts on love and fate are the earliest of my philosophical contemplations. By three years old I had some kind of obsession with my own ideas of what romantic love might be though I am not sure what caused this as my parents were divorced when I was quite young and my grandparents, I can't stay, were so outwardly expressive of deep, intensive, romantic love. By the time I was in 4th grade I was obsessed with Grease and West Side Story because they were such intriguing meditations on love. But around 1997-1998, when by chance (it would seem) I received for Christmas, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever the Bee Gees forever changed my life, speaking of love as I wanted it to be spoken of, and offering an artistic angle to their songs and music which I believe is unmatched in its uniqueness to this day. Moreover, it is the Bee Gees who led me to develop such a passionate interest in poetry. So I studied them, their lyrics, their music, their career, their success. And this all only scratches the surface of how deeply the Bee Gees speak to the core of my soul and life. 


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